Friday, March 28, 2008

Basketballs, Movies and Computers!!!

From John of our fearless LEEP Leaders!

The Village is already having an impact on the community. It is a focal point where volunteer groups like Elder Hostel and Historic Green can gather, do volunteer work at the Village and go out into the community and do volunteer work in the community. In addition to attracting volunteers to the Village, it is serving to attract volunteers to the community as well. It is really looking good with its fresh paint, clean grounds and new landscaping.

There are also two new exciting developments at the Village that will be able to provide services and benefit to the community.

Firstly and very simply, lines have been painted on one end of the floor and a basketball net has been obtained so that people can have a place to shoot baskets. This has already been used and will immediately be able to attract youth to the Village. It is a place where the youth can gather to do something positive for themselves.

Secondly, Common Ground has installed 10 computers and provided internet connections in the Computer Lab. This will provide new connections from the community to the outside world and provide a place where children can do homework and school assignments. It creates amazing opportunities for people to learn new skills, make connections to their relatives and neighbors who have been displaced, look for work, connect to government services and many other empowering activities.

(Thanks to John for his tireless efforts on behalf of LEEP and The Village)

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