Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's Up at the Village?

LEEP has been working to create a MOVIE NIGHT at the Village. Our goal is to have the first movie shown on March 15th. We have had a projection system donated, as well as several movies. We still need a VCR player and a DVD player. We have several cash donations and the hunt for a real popcorn machine is ongoing as well!
This will be a great event and we would like to see this become a monthly event for the community to come together. What a great evening of fun. Popcorn & movies! If you'd like to help out, please contact us via this blog, donate on the "PayPal" button to the right or send a check to the Finance Chairman (listed on the right)!
I have to tell a little side story (as usual)! When I was younger (can't remember the exact year), I begged my mom to see "Gone With The Wind" (and no, it wasn't in 1939...) She finally relented and I was off to my hometown theater to see Scarlett and Rhett together...ah the romance of it all! I was really enjoying the movie until the burning of Atlanta. For some reason no longer in my memory, that scene really scared me and I left the theater, running home to avoid it! My mom talked to me about this and I ended up back the next day to sit through the entire movie all by myself!
How many times have we looked forward to something only to be frightened that it didn't happen the way we expected? Even as adults we have expectations that don't pan out. Returning to face our fears isn't always easy, but it is necessary to progress and grow. Even if we face our fears and THEN leave, at least we have taken the steps needed to face the fear and move on.
LEEP wants to help families return to the Lower Ninth Ward. Imagine how scary that must any age! Assisting the Village to provide services for children and families in this neighborhood is one way to help get people back and hopefully for them to stay! Whatever you can do to help us reach this goal is much appreciated. (Sheila K)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Proud? Dang Straight

If you haven't looked at the photos lately (and even if you have!) you'll be AMAZED at what a bulldozer and several thousand dollars of trees will do for a place. After the painting week spent by the Scranton Gang (thanks Shannon!) I couldn't picture the "what's next". Check out the pictures just posted today (2/7) to see the results. (And again...thanks to Dar for her photography...this place is NOTHING without pictures!)

WOW...a bulldozer comes in, levels the yard, makes a REAL ditch on the side of the building, sprinkle in a liberal dose of trees and WOOOO HOOOO. It's gorgeous!

What is next? If you've been watching our progress, you know that this is a seriously intense endeavor of volunteers and dedicated professionals working to make a difference in an area that has been ignored for too long.

Tax-deductible donations are still being accepted to continue the renovation of the building to BEcome the VILLAGE. Click on the PayPal button or send a check to the address on the right. Remember, it's tax time...give your money to a GREAT cause!