Thursday, February 7, 2008

Proud? Dang Straight

If you haven't looked at the photos lately (and even if you have!) you'll be AMAZED at what a bulldozer and several thousand dollars of trees will do for a place. After the painting week spent by the Scranton Gang (thanks Shannon!) I couldn't picture the "what's next". Check out the pictures just posted today (2/7) to see the results. (And again...thanks to Dar for her photography...this place is NOTHING without pictures!)

WOW...a bulldozer comes in, levels the yard, makes a REAL ditch on the side of the building, sprinkle in a liberal dose of trees and WOOOO HOOOO. It's gorgeous!

What is next? If you've been watching our progress, you know that this is a seriously intense endeavor of volunteers and dedicated professionals working to make a difference in an area that has been ignored for too long.

Tax-deductible donations are still being accepted to continue the renovation of the building to BEcome the VILLAGE. Click on the PayPal button or send a check to the address on the right. Remember, it's tax time...give your money to a GREAT cause!

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Anonymous said...

Hope all your hard work goes to a worthy cause...