Friday, March 28, 2008

Basketballs, Movies and Computers!!!

From John of our fearless LEEP Leaders!

The Village is already having an impact on the community. It is a focal point where volunteer groups like Elder Hostel and Historic Green can gather, do volunteer work at the Village and go out into the community and do volunteer work in the community. In addition to attracting volunteers to the Village, it is serving to attract volunteers to the community as well. It is really looking good with its fresh paint, clean grounds and new landscaping.

There are also two new exciting developments at the Village that will be able to provide services and benefit to the community.

Firstly and very simply, lines have been painted on one end of the floor and a basketball net has been obtained so that people can have a place to shoot baskets. This has already been used and will immediately be able to attract youth to the Village. It is a place where the youth can gather to do something positive for themselves.

Secondly, Common Ground has installed 10 computers and provided internet connections in the Computer Lab. This will provide new connections from the community to the outside world and provide a place where children can do homework and school assignments. It creates amazing opportunities for people to learn new skills, make connections to their relatives and neighbors who have been displaced, look for work, connect to government services and many other empowering activities.

(Thanks to John for his tireless efforts on behalf of LEEP and The Village)

Monday, March 10, 2008

An Invitation to Serve



MAY 31st 2008- JUNE 7th 2008

R.S.V.P. REQUESTED BY 3/12/08 to Teresa at:

Please stand with me as a LEADER and the mission team I've created as we go to the Lower 9th Ward to work, play, and build relationships with the people in the community. As a great team of leaders we have been doing so much for the community, now I want to go be with the families there and let them see through us that there is hope and that they are not alone. We will be working at the Village, in the community, and hosting after school programs for the children at the center.

To support Troy and his mission, we will be staying at his mission house, which holds 20 people and I intend to pack the house!!!! E-mail me today to reserve your spot before they're all gone.

I am going on this trip as Teresa Barrett the worthy, compassionate woman that I am, longing to reach out and give hugs to the Lower Ninth Ward people. I hope that you come and share this experience with me.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Historic Green Project at the Village!

The Historic Green project is commencing March 8 and will continue until March 23. This is a national group that is committed to restoring historic communities and buildings in an environmentally way. They have a group of 500 volunteers who will be working around the Lower 9th Ward. The headquarters for the project will be at the Village.

We will have a projector for showing Lorrie's presentation (see links to the right to view here!) and other videos. We will also have Tree of Growth brochures. Think of the power of this event. Obviously it is an important fundraising opportunity but also 500 people will hear our message and carry it around the community and around the country.

During this time, MOVIE NIGHT will happen! It will go on in two areas simultaneously, one area for children and one area for adults and youth. This is the first regularly scheduled program to be offered by the Village. What a great opportunity to see all of the work of LEEP and everyone who has donated to this project at work!

Thanks to all of the folks who helped to make MOVIE NIGHT happen! And to John R., who has been working tirelessly to lead the leaders of LEEP. Organizing phone calls and orchestrating volunteers from across the country is a cat herding job at best. John makes it look easy (we all know it isn't!) and does it with style and inspires all of us.