Saturday, December 8, 2007

We're Baaaaaaaaack

First of all...TWO NEW PHOTO Albums in our Collection...follow link to the right!

The Leadership (LEEP) Team spent the weekend together in New Orleans last weekend (Dec 1&2). WOW. What a powerful group! Friday was a work day at the Village and we scraped, swept, pulled, tugged, hauled (ate gumbo and turkey necks), then cut, mounted, glued and secured the building. By the time we left, the building was mostly acrylic windows (donated by Lowe's). It was truly a beautiful thing to see so many people working to bring our project to fruition.

Kristopher and Leslie G provided the first program at the Village, a self-defense and safety class, with two sessions presented during the week/weekend. There are already seminars scheduled for the Village in the New Year. The nearby Emergency Center closed during the weekend and donated the balance of their supplies, materials and VOLUNTEER list to LEEP and the Village.

The press showed up during the day and there were "blurbs" on both Channels 4 & 8 about our work and the Village. It was Mack's birthday, and several cakes were presented. Angie had a beautiful rendering of the Village as it should look on completion.

The roofing contractor was on-site powerwashing the roof and getting it ready to repair. I will post my pictures this weekend, as well as those that have been sent to the team. Mine include pictures of the roof...WIDE OPEN to the sky!

I could definitely "see" kids playing basketball on the court, and we got to see the floor samples for the basketball court. My wedding reception was in a "town hall" in a small town in Nebraska, so it was almost like "OLD HOME WEEK" for me...that building in Nebraska was a focal point for the small community around it (pop. 60!) For the community around the Village, this place will be such a blessing and a focal point for them.

Tyrone S spoke over the weekend about how a former community center played a very important role in his and Mack's childhoods. I'm sure all of us can think of places and people that helped us navigate childhood as well. It's a full circle, "pay it forward" project for many of us.

Thanks for being part of our success!

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Anonymous said...

Sheila, I am always excited to see that you have posted on the blog. Your writing touches my heart and gives such a visual. You have a gift, thank you for sharing it with us and doing such an awesome job of building and maintaining such a wonderful site for LEEP!
Love, Lorrie