Monday, December 17, 2007

Request of You???

(From Angie H-Field Operation Manager)

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to send this email out for a couple of reasons. Firstly to say thank you for everyones continued particapation. Secondly to let everyone know that the holidays are here and it is very easy to put aside our project but to please keep in mind that things are still moving along at the Village. I will be in Florida from the 22nd until the 30th of Dec. but I am choosing to contiue what Ive been doing from the very beginning. I chose to send this to everyone because it seems that fear and doubt has entered the hearts and minds of our members. It seems that the ? of how has been re-entered into our organization.

I have to admit that that has crossed my mind from time to time but Leadership has taught me that in order to be a leader I have to keep moving forward no matter what gets in the way. The people of New Orleans have doubt and how cross there mind everyday because of organizations, the Government, buisiness people, and anyone that has given up or just threw there hands in the air because of things that got in there way. We wondered for the reason the people were so hard to come on board, well we are faced with that exact reason.

We knew that things were not easy and they were very challenging. We have had several road blocks and had to go around or cross over them several times. We were not worried about the how. We now have a perfect opportunity to see where we are and move forward. We are where we are and sometimes,well alot of times, we have to make changes in the way we move forward. Things that work we continue, thiings that don't we change and we learn from those things.

There was a powerful request made from Mack that we collect $1,000.00 in 33 days last week. What is stopping you from doing so? We've all made declarations and for the most part we have done very well. We agreed to continue, where are you in that agreement? There is no right or wrong. No need for finger pointing. We are Leaders and we take a stand to be in our excellence. If you choose not to agree, great, stand in your excellence and answer to the request.

I am getting emails from different people, organizations and getting calls. We are getting noticed. New Orleans is finally trusting that we are going to do what it takes. There are volunteers at the center everyday looking for our lead. Who is committed?

I am making another powerful request on behalf of The Village that we continue to be "Maniacs on a Mission" and pull together as we have in the past and do our very personal best in raising each $1,000.00 by January 6th 2008.I am making a more powerful request to include the coaches, Barbara, and Kelly in this but by January 12th. I know we can. Put aside your beliefs of how you feel thing should look and how things should be ran, If you feel you have experties in having the way things are running,run a little smoother, than please come forward and offer to help.

As Field Operation Manager I am in admittance that I have never done anything on such a large scale especially for non-profit. We have great individualls doing things at service everyday to make sure things happen. Most of which have never done this type of work before. We are in learning everyday and are very excited with the new results everyday. Everytime when we are in breakdown(almost everyday) and we work through that breakdown, we grow and so does the center and everyone involved.

I cannot wait to see our results in the end!

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js said...

I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck with the community center. I was down volunteering a few weeks ago with Katrina Corps, and I'm looking forward to staying updated on the progress being made through your blog. Thanks for everything!