Monday, November 5, 2007

Vickie Shares The Effects of Angie's Friday Night Call...

On Friday night during our phone call with Angie and Tyrone, I was having dinner with my family, celebrating my little guys 13th birthday at a restaurant here in town. At this point felt very overwhelmed, drained, frustrated and ready to give up with the Community Center.

I connected to the conference call, announced myself them muted, not knowing what I was going to hear and hoping it would be over fast. When Angie began to speak and I heard her tone, I sat up straight and my heart began beating faster. Listening to Angie and Tyrone share there story brought me to tears, everyone around me thought I had just received bad news, but little did they know what I was hearing had touched my heart, and was what I needed to hear to keep going in this journey.

After the call ended, I noticed a group of Firefighters sitting to the left of me, I then turned and asked them to help me and without hesitation they said of course. I gave them a brochure and explained briefly what we were doing and why. It so happened that the person in charge of Charities was sitting amongst these fine gentlemen (no accident), he then handed me a card and said "I will be in contact!" A little after hanging up on our call, I was sharing with my husband what was shared on the call, my little guy turns to me and says "Mom, take my allowance I want to help".

Thank you Angie and Tyrone, and Team Leaders, I will complete this journey!

Vickie O
(Vickie is another terrific LEEP team member)

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